National Mints See First Quarter Losses in Coin Sales

In the first half of 2012 spot gold has outperformed silver. Although gold has risen less than one percent, silver has lost ground to the tune of about two percent. Spring of 2011 saw a meteoric rise in silver prices to around fifty dollars per ounce. This was followed by a drop of approximately ten percent by year end.

Silver prices have continued to drop this year. Many savvy investors see decreasing precious metals prices as a signal to buy. However, buying is apparently not the prevailing sentiment, as global sales of nationally minted coins have experienced double-digit drops. Sales of the popular silver American Eagle coin have fallen by eighteen percent in the first quarter of 2012. The Austrian Mint has experienced a twenty-seven percent loss in silver coin sales, according to a spokeswoman for the company.

2011 was a banner year for sales of silver coins and medals, as they experienced a new annual high of 10.139 million ounces.

Is Now a Good Time to Buy Silver?

Fearing plummeting prices in precious metals, not all are aware of what all can be gained buying silver. while it is true that the prices of these metals have leveled off in recent months, it is very likely that they will again rise to the prices that they were at not long ago. As the economies abroad face serious problems, the prices of gold and silver rise.

Now is the time to buy silver, as there are several countries currently on the brink of a collapsing economy. This means that the price of this metal could rise substantially in the near future. Those interested in breaking into buying silver shouldn’t wait too much longer, but should invest now in silver and get the largest payout. These metals increase in price in times of economic uncertainty, which several areas of the world appear coming close to experience. Don’t waste time, this is a very good time to buy silver.

Creative Ways to Recycle Items Containing Silver

Since the amount of silver existing on earth constitutes a finite resource, recycling is a way to use silver resources that have already been tapped. Demand for silver increases each year, as its usage in technology and industry expand.

Although silver rounds, coins and bars are not usually recycling fodder, reclamation of silver can be achieved with metal from a variety of sources. Unwanted silver jewelry or silverware can be sold to recyclers or to jewelry stores that can use it to create new jewelry items.

Surprisingly, silver can be extracted from old photographs. Electrolysis, a method that utilizes electrical current and a special solution, can extract silver from photos which have been developed by older methods.

Most computer manufacturers have recycling programs to reclaim silver from computers, in addition to a multitude of other electronic devices. This silver is typically used to create new electronic components and devices.

Highest Sporting Achievements Rewarded with Silver

Stanley Cup made of Pure SilverThe middle of each year brings exciting annual sporting events to North America. From horse racing to hockey, US sports are among the most watched and competitive of all entertainment attractions. One thing that these iconic sporting spectacles have in common is prizes created from sterling silver.

The Stanley Cup, commemorating the highest team honor in the National Hockey League, has been held aloft by hockey champions for more than a century. Containing almost thirty-five pounds of pure silver, this championship trophy is only one of the awards given worldwide for outstanding achievement in professional athletics and high-level contests.

Silver trophies have long been chosen as prizes for champions, as evidenced by archaeological findings suggesting that the ancient Greeks and Romans chose silver as awards for athletic achievement. The United States made silver trophies their choice during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, when awards created from the white metal were given for feats of prowess in horse racing, boating, and auto racing.

Kyrgyzstan Fights Mining Corruption by Increasing Mine Taxation

Kyrgyzstan, located in central Asia, is rich in metals, particularly copper and gold. Unfortunately, the country’s government has failed to achieve reasonable benefit from metals enterprises operating within it. Due to a lack of government oversight and widespread corruption, Kyrgyzstan has not collected adequate tax revenues consummate with high levels of mining profit. This situation will soon change, as the government has recently signed into law new measures to increase tax revenues and battle corruption.

Failure to build mines on properties purchased for the purpose has been practiced by buyers who hope to sell the land for higher premiums. Avoidance of capital investment and tax evasion are other activities resulting in loss of government revenues. Participation in these corrupt activities by government and local officials is not unusual.

The new laws will prohibit granting of mining licenses, except through auction. Additionally, severe fines will be levied against owners who fail to begin production, and mining license sales will be prohibited to third parties.