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Gold & Precious Metals Sector and Stocks Analysis from Seeking Alpha
  • 12 Shiny Silver Stocks
    Marco G. submits:

    With the fast-rising prices for silver and gold that have set new all-time highs this past week of April 2011, many investors must be wondering, what does one do to take advantage of this situation?

    It does seem to the author that there is a distinct lack of media attention covering the precious metal rise. As always, there seems to be an equal number of bears calling the rise in prices a bubble and signalling danger versus an equal number of bulls calling for a further rise to $50 USD and beyond, based upon currency debasement. For myself, I see further gains based upon supply and demand factors of the emerging markets growth, and I will watch with interest.

    As for a prediction for the silver price, based upon a quick look at the charts and the application of some Elliott Wave's principles, I call for silver to rise to

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  • Oil, Gold, and Silver Prices Reflect International Coalition Shortcomings in MENA
    Carlos X. Alexandre submits:c

    First and foremost, and as reported by Reuters last night, “Gaddafi ‘accepts peace roadmap’: South Africa's Zuma,” and I hope this is the real deal. But the writing has been plastered on the wall. Instability has a way to propel oil and precious metals higher, and the current geopolitical landscape is fertile ground for conspiracy theories, apocalyptic dreams, and allodoxaphobia when views are a bit off the beaten track.

    As a side note, the various spellings of the name Gaddafi is due to a lack of a "universally accepted authority for transliterating Arabic names," according to the The Christian Science Monitor.

    We find ourselves in the midst of uncommon times, and currency games keep most of us off balance, with the European Central Bank and Federal Reserve playing ping-pong with each other, while the rest of the World simply observes and acquires uncomfortable neck pain. Portugal’s expected bailout didn’t affect

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